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Sciatic Pain Doctor


     “I went to another chiropractor before seeing Dr Ide. He went me on my way without treating the problem. I have been under Dr. Ide’s are for over a year and am amazed at the results. I referred my sister and she has had a good experience also.”

~ Jerry Rule

“After my husband and I were rear ended, God and luck lead us to Dr.Ide of Painless Chiropractic. We can’t thank him enough for his professional care, patience and compassion. His staff is very friendly and will accommodate any schedule. Can’t say enough, highly recommend.”

~ Mary Carpenter

      “Wonderful, sweet, and down to earth staff. Helped rein in my crazy, exhausted kids. Super clean office, helpful, and knowledgeable. Took their time and made things as comfortable as possible, especially with my kids being there and going crazy. Would suggest this place to everyone. So glad To have found this place.”

~ Megan Mccaffrey

      “I had a too much curve in my back and really bad sciatica. The first appointment was very informative and he sat down and explained all of the x-rays with me. He puts together a plan that is specially for you. I completed my 3 month plan and I feel so much better! I can sleep without pain! He does not just put your body back in place but he teaches you how to maintain your new posture. It takes time and dedication but a life with minimal to no pain is so worth the time and effort. To top it off, him and his staff treat you like family. I highly recommend this office.”

~ Whitney Nimmo

“I slipped on ice in December, landing hard on my behind. I was in excruciating pain and could barely move. It was a Saturday night, but I called the office and left a message (new patient, too, found them on Google.) I received a call back first thing Monday morning, they got me right in that day, and I just completed my 3-month treatment plan, I feel so much better and am happy to have found Dr. Ide and his staff.”

~ Amy Hawker

“READ THIS HONEST REVIEW!!!!!! About a year ago i came into Dr. Ides office with a tingling feeling in my left shoulder that would shoot down to my left hand creating numbness, this was my first time trying chiropractic care and i couldn’t have gone to a better office. Upon going over the x-rays thoroughly doc noted my spine was out of alignment in a few places and knew exactly what to do. Within a few weeks the feeling was gone and my posture improved drastically but over the 3 month care plan is when i really noticed the improvements and the post x-rays show the proof. Just recently i experienced a bad muscle spasm in my left trapezium muscle causing excruciating pain, long story short DO NOT TAKE MUSCLE RELAXERS OR STEROIDS THEY WILL NOT WORK!!! I tried all of the meds, ibuprofen 800, prednisone, methocarbomal, flexeril, and baclofen. Trust me when i say the only thing that fixed my muscle spasm was chiropractic care (gone in a few visits). A side issue that was also fixed were the migraines i had, i used to get them everyday straight for 2 years and chiropractic care fixed that as well. Dr. Ide and his staff have all become my friend and it is an awesome environment to be in! The best medical experience i have ever had, they are not there to take your money they are there to improve your quality of life and health. The office is very up to date with medical equipment, knowledgeable, fresh, clean, and very fun to be at. They work with you as a team to make sure your pain is gone! Thank you again Dr Ide, Kasey, and Katelyn for all you have done for me!”

~ Jacob Gross

“I love the people there, they are so experienced in what they do and polite. I love the way they take X-rays and explain in detail what your back should look like and what it does look like. I learned more about my back in one day than I’ve known or what I’ve been told from doctors in 10 years. I love this place and continue to go!”

~ Catherine Blumenstein


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