Dr. Jeff Robinson provides his patients options to a wide array of treatments in order to achieve the quickest and most efficient recovery. We offer a unique, breakthrough approach to patient care called Koren Specific Technique (KST).

With KST, there is no twisting or turning, “cracking” or “popping” of joints. The KST method checks your body for subluxations, wherever they may arise and gently corrects (or adjusts) them using a low-force adjusting device called the Arthrostim.

Your full body will be adjusted standing, sitting and moving in your position of compromise to quickly relieve the pain and start the healing process. This includes your cranial bones, TMJ, spine, discs, hips, ribs, legs, shoulders, knees, feet, hands and anything else that needs correcting.

One of the unique features of KST is the ability to analyze or check the body for disc conditions. Patients who have suffered for many years have found “miraculous” improvements from chronic problems.

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